Untuk pertama kalinya kami mengunjungi ke makkah, banyak orang bertanya di mana letak kiblat. Sebelum kita pergi ke Masjidil haram di makkah, kami mengganti kain ihram ini di miqat. Miqat adalah tempat di mana kita mulai memakai pakaian ihram. Di sana kita akan mengingat saat ketika ia akan dibungkus dalam kain kafan (serupa dengan ihram) kain yang kita kenakan saat nanti kita dipanggil oleh Allah swt.

Kita melihat diri kita adalah sama dengan orang lain, tetangga maupun atasan di tempat kita bekerja. Tidak ada yang membedakan dia dari seorang raja, kecuali kedalaman imannya dan perilaku yang baik.


For the first time we visit to makkah, many people asking where is mecca. Before we go to masjidil haram in makkah, once we arrived at miqat, the place where we started wearing the ihram. There we will remember the moment when he will be wrapped in a shroud (which is similar ihram) with which we will when we are faced with dipangil by the Almighty.

we see ourselves is the same as the neighbors and no one distinguish him from a king, except the depth of his faith and good manners. This is the traditional dress of the shepherds of the equator. Wearing Ihram also means wearing a fabric that can not withstand
weapons. This is a neutral clothing that inspires peace and non-violence. Ash-Shafi’i and Sa’id bin Mansur reported from Al-Qasim that he said: ‘Uthman bin’ Affan, Zaid ibn Thabit, and Marwan bin Al- Hakam used to cover their faces while in the state of ihram “Taw’us.
said: “Someone in the state of ihram may cover her face if there is. dust or ashes “Mujahid said:” If there is a sandstorm they covered
they face while in the state of ihram. ”

Khawlah bint Hakim reported from his mother that the Prophet (peace be upon him) told Umm Salamah: “Do not wear perfume when you are in the state of ihram or girlfriend touch, since it is perfume “(Reported by At-Tabrani in Al-Kabir, al-Bayhaqi in his book.
Rifah Al-Ma ‘, and by Ibn Abdul Barr in his At-Tamheed)

This ihram clothing we wear during Umrah and Hajj. If you want to  see about makkah live and kabah, you can find in this blog with another article.

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