Madina Munawara Images

Madina Munawara Images

Madina Munawara Images

Al Munawarah Nabawi mosque is located in the city of Medina. Around this Nabawi mosque there is the most striking green dome. Many place Madina Munawara Images Muhammad was originally adjacent to the house, he lived there after his Hijrah (emigration) to Medina. He himself shared in the heavy construction work. The original mosque was an open building. Building the basic plan has been adopted in building mosques around the world.

The mosque is also a community center, courts, and religious schools. There is a stage for the people who taught the Koran. The next Islamic rulers greatly expanded and decorated. In 1909, became the first place in the Arabian Peninsula to be provided with electric lights mosque is under the control of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques ..
One of the most prominent features of this site Green Dome above the central mosque, originally home Ayesha, where the tomb of Muhammad is located. It is not known when the green dome built but manuscripts dating to the early 12th century describe the dome. This is known as the Dome of the Prophet or the Green Dome

Beneath the green dome of the tomb of the prophet Muhammad have saw. Located near the raudhah. There are three tombs are located on this site, the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Bakr As Shidiq tomb. One more there is an empty tomb, the future will be filled by Isa as.

This website you can find Madina Munawara Images like umbrella, that characterizes the rest of this mosque.

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