Go to Makkah

makkah travelling

makkah travelling

Go to Makkah. That morning as I usually prepare all children for school needs first. As a housewife, I did not use the services of domestic workers. All I own. Somehow I feel less comfortable when other people are doing it. Fortunately my husband who is always ready to help all of my work.
Prepare breakfast and lunch when my daughter Kayla, my cell phone rang. I saw on the screen with the name ‘Mama’, the parents of my husband’s call.
“Hello, assalamualaikum” I said.
“Waalaikumsalam, what else?” Said the mother of the end of the phone there.
“Ordinary ma, again get ready for a breakfast”, I said to my husband’s cell phone.
Then my husband’s cool to talk, while I finish the cooking in the kitchen.
It was customary in my family to let me know by phone as often as possible. Understandably we lived a short distance apart. Parents in Samarinda, and my brothers there are in Yogya and Solo. As for myself as the eldest living in Jakarta.
I quickly finished cooking  and called her husband and two children, Kayla and Dhafin for breakfast.
“Come on Daddy, Brother, Dhafin breakfast”, I called.
“Yes, Ma!” They exclaimed almost in unison.

I saw my husband immediately said goodbye, then walked over to me.
“Mama, mama want to invites us go to makkah for umra” said Papa then so I called my husband.
For a moment I was shocked, mixed feelings, shocked, happy, happy but also confused. How could I not, as a new family I had not thought to be able to go to the holy land, considering we are still prepared to pay off the mortgage finance and the preparation of school fees, even though we had already started to gradually set aside savings go to makkah for Hajj. I’m glad and happy for me to worship the holy land is a dream I want to accomplish. But behind the happiness I was confused since I still have two toddlers who had never parted from me any day. Kayla who has not reached the age of 5 years and 3.5 years old sister.
“Ma!”, Papa went to pat me on the shoulder that was stunned for a moment. I snapped out of shock.
“Hah! Pa serious? Do not joke ah, early in the morning, “I replied.
“Ma, this is real, we want a family Mama went into the holy land” she said.
“Thank God, but how about Kayla and Dhafin?” I asked then.
“Let’s have breakfast first, then while we are looking for a way out” my husband replied. We will go to makkah for umrah.

Where is Mecca ? how about makkah live and some question about holy land inspired us to answer here. * IBL*

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