Mecca Picture

Many are looking for pictures of mecca picture in The Future, Old Picture of Mecca and Medina, Image Create Kiswa of the Kaaba
Makkah In The Future 2022 figures like the ones on this page.

We are collecting foto100 year of Mecca and Medina place the hajj in which was taken on the orders of the Sultan of the Ottoman sultan Abdülhamit II at that time.

GOD home in Makkah, “The Kaaba” is coverd by a black cloth known as ‘Kiswa’ series, which is produced & changed every year. Special factory designed to manufacture Kiswa in Mecca. It costs approximately SR 17million.The cloth is made of 670kgs of silver dyed black. About 120kgs of pure gold & 50kgs of silver used in writing the Qur’anic verses over the cloth. The total area of ​​cloth is 658sq meter.

Image On the Kaaba
I get an image from other websites: he said:
These Pics show my dad on the Kabaa in Mecca in 1994. He used to live and work there and he happened to know the people responsible for cleanup and veil changing process. He offered to get him in and Kabaa and that.

you can get more mecca picture or where is mecca for the hajj or makkah live  in google.

mecca picture 2022
mecca picture

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