Nabawi Masjid Is The Big One In the World

nabawi masjid

nabawi masjid

Nabawi masjid is one of the oldest and largest mosques today. Worshipers in the mosque can accommodate about 650,000 worshipers in regular season and 1,000,000 pilgrims on the Hajj or Ramadan. The Nabawi masjid was first built by Prophet Muhammad along with his friends is in the city of Medina. Founded after the Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina. Development initially began on 1 Hijri.

Originally purchased iini mosque on land owned by two orphans Sahl and Suhail. Purchased at 10 dinars.

The virtue of praying in this mosque as mentioned in the hadith the prophet, “Prayer in masjidku greater than 1000 prayers elsewhere except Haram. Prayers at the Grand Mosque more utama100.000 pray at other times.”

Inside the mosque is the tomb of the Prophet there. Beside it was Abu Bakr RA and Umar Bin Khattab. Near the tomb of the apostle there is also a place where many diijabah our prayers. The place was named Raudhah.

In the courtyard of the mosque, there is also a giant umbrella. That can shut itself if open at night and during the day. At the heat of the sun, if the umbrella is not opened, it will make our feet became blistered by the sun so hot in this city.

The dome on top of it was made to be opened and closed. The dome has a weight of 80 tons is made of steel frame and concrete-covered wood.

Inside Nabawi Masjid

Inside the mosque is very cool. Air is driven from a control center within 7 km west mosque. In circulate through the pipes in the basement and then distributed to the Nabawi mosque pillars which amounted to 2104 pieces. These pillars are very beautiful, made ​​of concrete 64 cm in diameter, and covered with a thick milky white marble. That’s a little story about nabawi masjid.

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