Tawaaf, Ar-ramal and Halq

tawaaf diagram

tawaaf diagram

Tawaaf is the circumambulation of the Kabah:
When circumambulating (Tawaaf) one should fill one’s mind with
respect, love, hope and fear, and know that making Tawaaf makes
him like Malaaika-e-Muqarrabeen who continuously make Tawaaf
around the Great Throne (A’rsh-e-Aazam). He should realize that the
general purpose of Tawaaf is the circumambulation of the heart with
the remembrance of the Lord of the House. This may be the hint
thrown by the hadeeth that Bait-ul-Ma’moor is the House in Heaven
similar to Kaa’ba on earth, around which the angels move similar to
man’s circumambulation on earth.
We perform the tawaaf because it was performed by the `Father of
all Prophets’ – the Prophet Ibraaheem and his son, Prophet Ismaa’eel.
They performed the tawaaf immediately after building the Ka’bah
Some people say it is to indicate the movements of the planets.
The earth goes around the sun anti-clockwise and the moon goes
around the earth anti-clockwise. All the planets go around the sun
anti-clockwise. Muslims performing the tawaaf are told to remember
this and to perform an act that emulates the Universe.
But there is no Shariah proof of this.
Another interpretation is the remembrance of Noahs arch floating
around the Ka’bah for several weeks before it landed and as the
waters receeded.

Ar-Ramal is the ritual where male pilgrims are required to walk
briskly with their chests thrust forward and with their shoulders
rolling slightly as an army during the first three circuits of Tawaf ul-
Qudum (Arrival Tawaf) in Makkah. Ladies are not required to practice Ramal.
Halq means the complete shaving of the head by the male pilgrim on
the 10th of Zul Hijjah. It marks the getting out of the state of Ihram
for hajj and Umrah. The requirements of Halq and Taqseer
(shortening one’s hair for women) is an important rite of cleanliness.

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