Umrah Dua

Here is the umrah dua When we umrah or hajj Entering Masjid Al-Haram in makkah : Enter by the right foot and say:

Umrah Dua

allallhumma salli `alaa muhammadin wa sallim – allaahumma
aftah lee abwaaba rahmatika.
(All praises are due to Allaah, peace and benediction be upon
Prophet Muhammad. O Allaah, open the gates of Your mercy for
or /and:
a’oodhu billaahil `azeemi wa biwajhihil kareem wa sultaanihil.
qadeemi minash shaitaanir rajeem.
(I take refuge with Allaah, the Supreme and with His Noble face,
and His eternal authority from the accursed devil)
Note: This is the usual Dua’ one says entering any Mosque.
Seven Tawaaf circuits: (forbidden for a
menstruating or post-partum woman until she is clean again).
Ibn ‘Abbas reported that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said,
“Every day Allah descends a hundred and twenty folds of His Mercy to His
slaves who perform Hajj (to His House). Sixty-fold of these are specified for
people performing tawaaf, forty-fold for those who pray there, and twenty
for those who look at the Ka’bah.”
This Tawaaf is called Tawaafal Qudum (Arrival Circumambulation), if a
pilgrim is performing a mufrid (single) Hajj. Otherwise it is called Tawaaf
al Tahayya (Circumambulation of Greeting), or Tawaafad Dakhul
(Circumambulation of Entry). It is neither an essential condition nor an
obligation. For a pilgrim performing Hajj Tamattu’ (combining Hajj and
‘Umrah with a break), or performing Hajj Qiran (combining Hajj and
‘Umrah without a break), it is Tawaafal ‘Umrah (‘Umrah
Circumambulation), and after having performed it a pilgrim does not need
to perform a Tawaafal Tahaya or Tawaafal Qudum. Such a pilgrim must,
however, complete his ‘Umrah making a Sa’ee (seven rounds of walking)
between the hills of Safa and Marwah after the Hajj has been completed.
Go straight to the Black Stone and face it. Raise
hands. Say: “Bismillah. Allaahu Akbar”.

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